Big troubles with AMINI4DS

   Dear Valter. Here, I give you further information about our trouble. Our house is composed of the AMINI4DS control system plus DM-RDO12 expansion module. Complemented by an AWEB server, the temperature of the house is controlled by a NOA70 system. Upstairs everything works, it is on the ground floor that we encounter difficulties. Indeed the lights come on alone without us touching a switch, when we press the switch to open the shutters, the response time is very long, we have to press for a long time. In addition, all the switches are not operational, some lights do not respond to the switch command. everything seems disorganized. Do you have a person specialized in programming who could put all this in order? Is it possible to do this remotely? Can you help us, please?

   Hello, I was on vacation, that's why I'm only replying now. The problem is in the wrong AMiNi4DS software or in the NOA70. Software can only be repaired by its author. Your best bet is to contact the author and ask for a patch or source program. If this is not possible, contact the manufacturer of the control system with this question at , they will help you, but most likely new software will have to be created.